Mental Health Reminder


Here a gentle reminder that it's okay to:

  • Say no
  • Ask for help
  • Take a break
  • Have bad days
  • Outgrow people
  • Ditch negative people
  • Change your mind
  • Pivot in your career
  • Walk away from toxicity
  • Give refunds

These acts of kindness to yourself mean that you can have your time and sanity back. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to serve your family and clients. Your mental health is important for you to be your happy, approachable self and not get mentally burned out.

This year is already too intense to let toxic relationships and negativity mess with your ambition and productivity.

Being kind to yourself is critical. Not only because you're the face and brain behind your business, but because you want to be your best to create a meaningful life, cultivate a community, and change industry culture.

It's more than okay.

While this isn't our typical resource, it's a permission slip, of sorts, to let go of guilt and be grateful for how far you've come in life; to trust yourself enough to be comfortable outgrowing what you thought you wanted and accept that your life is changing. Look after yourself and remember that it is okay to have good and bad days.