Why You Don't Need Lead Magnets


"You mean I don't need to create an e-resource to get subscribers?" Yes, if you give the option to take the resource without a newsletter sign up, the majority won't opt into your email list. This fact makes creators feel a bit hurt, while others worry about giving away too much for free. The truth is:

People Assign Value to Purchases

Challenge: Whether or not freebies are printed or electronically filed, most, with a few exceptions, are skimmed and stored - never to be opened again. With purchases, however, people want to get value for their money.

Solution: Rather than spending time creating one more free resource, focus your effort on creating a service or product to address your prospect's needs.

People Will Take Advantage

Challenge: Some people subscribe only to get the freebie, but will never buy from you nor recommend you to a friend who needs your services. Afterward, they either unsubscribe or don't open your messages - making you think you're doing something wrong.

Solution: Give freebies to paying customers as bonuses or in exchange for podcast reviews. Next, time your freebies in line with product releases or sales. The aim is to receive email addresses from genuine, engaged persons.

Bottom line

Give people time to get to know you and your offerings before you provide a freebie. Plus, there are plenty of other ways to be generous with your knowledge. Consider podcasts, blogs, online courses, social media posts, emails, etc.