3 Ways to Give Email Subscribers Amazing Experiences


Put your hands up if you want your subscribers to look forward to your emails. Okay, now understand that it doesn't have to be hard; remember that your audience wants to feel heard and understood.

Set Expectations

Set expectations throughout the process and guide them through the processes. For instance, at sign up, indicate (or have them choose) how often they will receive newsletters. When you send an email, in the final paragraph, remind them of when they'll hear from you again.

Setting and reinforcing expectations ensures that your email list is never confused about what they will get or the next step to take.

Include Unexpected Bonuses

When listing what to expect from your newsletter, leave a few benefits off of the list to pleasantly surprise your community members. They won't know about it until the right time - when you give them a bonus feature, they weren't expecting. Depending on your product or service, it can range from a discount code or eBook to a text number.

Branded Details

If you can create images, share those instead of stock photos (or use unpopular gifs to convey your points). Use your brand aspects to frame your welcomes and goodbyes to show you care. The difference adds to the uniqueness of your content and experience.

So, what now?

Follow the three steps to give your clients satisfying experiences that you'd expect as a subscriber.