Your Headlines are Affecting Your Sales


The job of a headline is to grab attention, communicate the main idea and entice reading. If your headline isn't doing that, then it's hindering sales. Great products don't get sold when prospects don't make it past the subject line so trust the U's to get that cha-ching or those inquiries.


Are you like everyone else and why do you sound like a broken record? People are trying to save time so keep them engaged. Your use of overdone phrases gives them an excuse to say "Nothing new to see here, moving on" and to abandon your newsletter.

Use your unique point-of-view and approach to stand out and to craft a headline that clicks with your prospects.

Add a timestamp to your relevant headlines to create fear of missing out. Phrases such as 'quick’, 'ends tonight' or 'only available until [date]' gets your readers ready to act.

Ultra-specific and Useful

People will not try to figure out what your subject line is hinting at, nor will they make time for content that doesn't serve them. Convey one key benefit (of reading your newsletter) in the subject line to address this block to opening your email.

Also important

Limit your headline to 8 words maximum - again, short attention spans. Also, don’t make promises that you can't keep. And if your product isn't the only solution needed or the most affordable, avoid saying that.