4 Free Ways to Double Email Engagement


With social media under much scrutiny, it's time to maximize the power of email marketing. While social media use varies, 99% of all consumers check their inboxes daily. Of course, you want more than attention, so let's get you that website traffic without losing sleep.

Right timing

Timing contributes to success. Great news, sending at the right time requires no extra effort. Mail providers will suggest the best times, based on open and click rate analysis of past performances.

Pleasant experience

No matter your brand tone, emojis in subject lines can boost open rates by 50%. Bust out appropriate gifs, cohesive colors, photos, and emojis in your copy to catch eyes and excite readers for your next correspondence. These make your content friendly and warm.


Delegate the work to systems. Do you have an unbelievable sale ending soon? Is a new blog post on the way? Set your email messages to automate alerts to subscribers for instant page views or actions.

Segment campaigns

Create email chains for potential customers at different phases of your sales funnel. Segmentation reduces the number of subscribers lost with each message sent.

Lastly - Optimize for mobile. Edit responsive, pre-designed email templates to ensure that your engaging copy works well on any device.