How to Write Engaging Emails


When subscribers open your emails, do they glance at the pretty visuals and click delete? It’s true, pictures are worth a thousand words so be sure to invest time into your copy to get some form of an action.

The content of your email campaign is prime real estate to connect with your readership and convert your subscribers into actual customers. The key is to optimize your message to do just that!


Use long emails sparingly, depending on your style or the sentiment of your copy. You can elaborate on details when needed, otherwise keep it short - because of low attention spans. Whether long or short, use your words with purpose.


Take the opportunity to provide value. Convey the point of the correspondence and expand on the caption in the subject line. It's best to front-load the value to hook your readers and entice them to read or skim the rest.


Always aim for readability on all devices. Writing long paragraphs of content is off-putting. Use instead images or gifs as dividers. Separate points into sections and use headings for easy skimming.


Suggest a follow-up action. Out of habit, readers will delete, archive or close an email. Recommend an alternative to get them to do something - such as clicking a link, following you on social media, etc.

By the Way

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