2 Ways to Convert Social Media Followers into Blog Readers


Don't believe the hype. Whether or not your social media following is large or small, you still have to work to build your readership. If having followers meant having blog readers, you would have plenty of eyeballs on your website resources right now. What ultimately makes the difference is knowing your audience.


Yes, you are kind and you have tons of helpful knowledge to share, but don't reveal it all on your socials. Create the content and then split it between your blog, Instagram and other social media. Only share sneak peeks or post highlights, then redirect people to your blog - just like you would only share snippets of YouTube videos.

In addition to sharing what's new on the blog in emails, you can also assign evergreen topics as blog content only. Be creative with new updates, templates, social media planning calendars, or make exclusive photo libraries rather than using Instagram's carousel feature.

Plan your Call-to-Actions

Thanks to all the available scheduling software, you can plan and batch most of your content in advance. Take advantage of this and write your blog promoting posts and emails as soon as you've completed your article.

If people genuinely benefit from your blog posts, don't be afraid to make the article title your CTA. For instance, 'See the full review of Nordstrom's sale, plus three great outfits on the blog!' is specific and converts more than 'Check out the blog.'

In essence

Find the middle ground between what you know and what your audience craves to learn about, then create long-form copy to build your blogosphere niche.