The Best Website Lead Generators


Community is the currency of 2020, so if you're in business then building an email list should be a priority. Domain hosts know this and they, of course, make plenty of ways for you to maximize your lead generation potential. To alleviate from being overwhelmed, we are sharing the best tactics to implement.

  • Landing pages

A landing page cuts out distractions. It funnels your visitors to do the one thing you want done at the time. Hence landing pages are more effective.

  • Popups

Regardless of your feelings toward popups, they get results. To make them less interruptive, use a timed one and get creative with the wording to make it more compelling for readers to subscribe.

  • Giveaways

Are your blog insights high? Support your social media giveaway content with guest posts or sponsored affiliate blogs. These blogs are great for boosting your income and subscriptions over time.

  • Make signups easy

When you're focused on increasing email subscribers, pin signup URLs to your social media pages.

  • Improve Your Content

Take some time to assess your audience and their needs. Look to see if there are any offerings you can deliver via your newsletter. Then communicate this solution clearly in your subscription copy.

It's easy to abandon your website, to focus on social media. So set up your website to create leads and signups on autopilot. If you haven't revised your webpages in a while, focus on improving your landing page, popups, affiliate posts, and signup copy for more conversions.