The Importance of Having A Blog


A blog elaborates on what you can do for your customers, it provides information, and in some instances brings fun and insightful readings! In a way, this builds your authority in the industry, shows your personality, generates website visits, and leads to email signups and sales. 

One may ask, "Could I just write mini-blogs on Instagram?" Yes, you could but all those words and time could disappear if you get hacked or some other unexpected glitch occurred. So back up your thoughts and grow your audience as you certainly will want to expand beyond using just Instagram!

"I make video content, why would a blog be important to me?" It's important because it gives people who aren't yet ready to purchase a reason to visit your website as they keep returning to read your blog. Blogs also serve as a transcript for persons unable or unwilling to listen to your videos or podcasts. It’s likely that a good percentage of these customers will eventually be ready to purchase! 

"Blogging sounds good, but I'm not good at writing." Well maybe nobody actually says this to you and there is plenty of stuff to write about when you start your business. As such, blogging is vital for practicing your storytelling and writing skills. You'll also love that blogs improve your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings!

Here’s the Wrap: when you love talking about a topic, a blog helps you expand on your ideas and post all kinds of content. Blogs are perfect for photos, videos, long-form self-expression and in-depth instructional how-to's. Be creative and have fun!