Show Your Face More


Do you know what your audience wants to see? They want to see “You.” People love people and they crave human connection. They want to get to know, like and trust someone (enough to buy their offerings). A big part of this is knowing your face and making that connection.  

Posts that show faces receive up to 38% more engagement. Imagine what this could do for your ads and your community-building targets! So how can you show your face and other faces more in your digital marketing?

Go Live on Stories 

Build your confidence with Stories. When published, Stories auto-delete after 24 hours. So, if you're feeling vulnerable, it won't be up forever. It's not a problem if you don't feel like doing your makeup. Use an AR filter to boost your confidence. Another upside is that Stories are all about real behind-the-scenes content and there isn't a ton of pressure to be perfect.

Professional Photos

Even when you take good, self-timer mode portraits, still book a professional photo shoot occasionally. A library of photographs makes it so much more fun and easy to post blogs, ads, emails, and social media visuals more consistently. Moreover, professional shots often make high-quality vectors you can use in graphics.

User-generated Content

If you're not ready to post your face, post your customers (with permission). If you are yet to have customers (with permission) then use models. Even the human element of a hand touching a product tells more of a story than just a grid of flat-lays.

Now, you know it isn't hard. Let your audience see more of your beautiful face.