Creating High-Quality Images From Home


You don't need a fancy set up to create good visuals. All you need is a phone, self-timer mode, and a tripod (or stacked items to mount your phone). With that, you're ready for DIY photos.

Whether you're taking flat-lays, photos of yourself, or product shots, it’s easy to have a solo photoshoot with your phone and your $20 tripod. Better yet, here are some sneaky hacks to perfect your snaps.

Clean Your Lens

Sounds pretty basic, but a dirty, smudged lens ruins pictures. Give your camera lens a swipe to take clear, in-focus pictures that you are happy to post.

Switch to Self-Mode

Preview the result. Flip your camera to selfie-mode to check out yourself. This mode will ensure you are in the frame, and your pose is on-point.

Change the Aesthetic

Swap your outfit and location. Move from the couch to the dining table. Or move around plants, art and furniture to create a different look for your pics. This makes it so your photos don't scream, "I took all these snaps in one day," even when you did.

Use Props

Grab a laptop, coffee cup or anything else. It helps tell a story in your photo, plus gives you something to do with your hands.

So, yes, you can get good shots from home.