How to Spice up Your About Me Page


We think your 'About Me' page can do more for your website. By saying your words right, this page will steadily make visitors into raving fans (even if you feel like your life or business isn't that interesting). Grab your notepad; we're sharing pointers to make your 'about me' attractive to readers.

Add a Picture or Two

Crisp, professional photographs or video(s) make a huge difference. Readers are keen on images when they want to know more about the person behind the product or service. If you have multiple contributors, be sure to include pictures of everyone. Your audience connects better to words they associate with a face or faces.

Add Sub-headings

If longer than one paragraph, state the topic covered in each section as these headings give your readers direction. To make it even more skimmable, highlight a few keywords - such as the one thing they should know about you, or your main goal.

Keep Readers in the Loop

If your brand or business has been around long, have a 'what's happened since' you started. Did you leave your corporate job or get married? Did you move to a new location or have a baby? If so, then insert a 'here' link for those interested in reading more about you and exploring your blog. 

Also, show ways they can connect with you and get instant updates. List your social media profiles, email address and your subscriber sign-up link.

It’s hugely challenging to write a killer 'About Me' page on the first attempt

Be patient with yourself - or your editor - until you love what your page says about you.