Number #1 Way to Make Digital Marketing Less of a Chore


"I don't know what else to post." "I've talked about all my content ideas already." While this may be true, there are plenty of ways you still haven't said it. Now is the time to repurpose your tips and resources.

If you have a blog or book, share a quote from it and expound on its meaning in your social media caption. Highlight a few tips from your podcast or chat about the guest in your email, then invite mailing list subscribers to listen. If an educational post didn't do well based on the insight data, use the material to create new grid posts - keeping in mind that the majority of your audience never saw it.

Of course, don't always be the one talking. When you have built an interactive audience, ask members for questions - then quote and answer their questions via video and captions. If you've already explained a topic in detail, create a tutorial showing how to do it step by step. Once you have a lengthy YouTube video, cut it into sections to post on social media. Or shorten and make a TikTok video to keep your audience entertained.

Achieving the results you want is possible by doing less: start repurposing your content.