Stand Out with Email Branding


Email branding is what makes you unique so that you stand out from others. We are talking about email differentiation. How many times have you closed your letters saying - thanks, kind regards, or with love? How often do you end your emails with please check us out on our social media pages? Not only is it expected, it probably sounds nothing like your branding. 

Considering that there are so many communication touchpoints, you need to be consistent across each. A simple, unique email signature helps you to stand out. Remember to show your personality and keep your email closing on-brand. For instance, you can close with 'yours creatively' rather than using the overused 'yours truly' as your email signature.

Now more than ever, you should stand out. So, how do you differ from what exists in the market? It doesn't take much to stand out, don't overthink it. How you use your words makes you different. Just express yourself in a way that wasn't done before or isn't very common.

What's important is that your email signature:

  • Reflects your branding and syncs with your newsletter tone.
  • Is short and relevant when changed to suit the seasons or holiday themes.

Honestly, we all love an easy-read newsletter with a uniform tone from beginning to end.