How to Sell Without Sounding Salesy


Salesy describes an aggressive form of selling as it aims to make sales from prospects who may not be ready to buy. As a result, these prospects feel uncomfortable and are unresponsive to offers. The key for being successful is natural, authentic selling and how prospects feel after interacting with your copy. Emotions are subjective, but there are universal sales rules to improve your customer experience for less salesy qualities. 

  • Build a relationship first 

Relationships are the differentiator in crowded marketplaces where offerings require you to build trust and show your ability to get results. 

If you have a great relationship with your online community, they will choose you over your competitor. They will even recommend your product for free and refer you to people who are interested in your products or services.   

  • Make it all about your demographic

Vague advice won't effectively help your audience. Share tips that get results and offer benefits to have prospects eager to buy the full package or service.

  • Tell relevant stories 

Stories sell. Remember when you would XYZ, but now you do [this] instead. Or how your customer Sarah used your XYZ and her life improved. Share experiences to convey your talking points. Sound natural to help followers feel something and become customers.

  • Listen and provide solutions 

Ask followers what they want from you? Address your most asked questions in a large forum such as an email list or social media post. Repurpose your high performing long copy in different formats. Also check your insights every month to create more copy on high-performing topics.

  • Educate rather than push sales 

If you aren't converting as much as you would like, change your ad format. Share your best copy - customer reviews and testimonials. Allow prospects to get results for free with your guidance through week-long challenges and mini webinars or workbooks to aid conversions.