The Best Copy You Can Produce for Your Brand


The truth is you don't produce your most valuable content, as this content is user-generated by your customers. It comes in the form of online reviews and social media referrals; nine out of ten potential customers rely on this to make their purchasing decisions. So, even in the digital age, word-of-mouth marketing holds plenty of weight. 

Earned versus Paid User-Generated Content

Earned user-generated content is from persons who have done business with you, while influencers and sponsored industry leaders generate paid online reviews. 

Even if you can't pay someone to use your product and post a review of their user experience, you can earn media and referrals from prospects by providing free, valuable solutions online. Then instead of email signups, ask for reviews in exchange for the free resources.

For product-based businesses, add a review section to your checkout page. Or prompt customers for a review via email a few weeks after their purchase is shipped. Before sending free samples to influencers, ask their permission, and ask if they are willing to post a review. 

Be Courteous

Let's talk about customer review etiquette, while using referral discounts at your discretion. But, if possible, always thank the person who made the referral. 

Reposting your customer's creativity on any platform is tricky. The rule of thumb is: if you don't create it, you must credit the creator. Begin by asking for permission either in a direct message or by creating a hashtag for people who want to have their images re-shared. To respectfully repost, clearly tag the image source in the caption and if using their words, then place the words in quotations.