How to Write Reply-Worthy Email Pitches


What is the fastest way to get your email deleted? Send a generic, copy-pasted message. Just like a human resource officer, the person you are emailing is probably struggling to maintain a zero-inbox. Make it hard for them to throw out your direct message or email by using the following guidelines:  

  • Leave the pleasantries for last

The goal is to grab the attention of the receiver in a concise, polite manner.  So save the pleasantries - Happy [insert weekday here] - Enjoy your holiday or weekend statements - for the very end.

  • Do your research

Do you know who will open your email? Look them up to get a feel of who they are and their interests. If you aren't sure about the recipient(s), review the company website for an idea of their organization's culture and brand values, before writing. 

This research guides the tone of your pitch and the stories you choose to share. It also gives commonalities for you to connect with your recipient(s).   

  • Keep your pitch brief

Avoid large blocks of text. No one wants long paragraphs from a stranger. In short, sentences quickly explain who you are, what you are offering and why they should care. Although don't be vague, state your angle to make your offer reply-worthy.

  • Make the next step clear

Assuming they are interested, what do you want them to do next? Do you want them to listen to your podcast, try your offering, or join your community of like-minded individuals? Or maybe you want them to sign up for a consult call or over coffee?  

If you are sending several pitches, feel free to experiment with this pitch format. Some styles are more relaxed than others. Once revised for errors, the best way to know if your email is reply-worthy is to hit send.