Should You Sell During the Pandemic?


The short answer is yes. But how you sell is your decision. You don't have to launch an eBook, create an online course, or pivot the focus of your business — unless it is the appropriate way to serve your audience during the pandemic.


Focus on Serving Your Audience

If your client's doors have closed, or they have expressed plans to defer your services, discounted prices may be better suited to serve them.  

Similarly, if your clientele is stay-at-home moms with two toddlers, they still won't have the time to read a 100-page eBook cover-to-cover. A podcast or consult call would better meet their convenience needs.  

When your offerings are relevant to the current needs of your demographic, (1) you feel confident offering your services and products, and (2) conversions increase.


Show Up for Your Audience

The most important thing right now is to show up for your clients. Be visible on social media, continue to send your emails, and market your products. It is a challenging time for everyone so let them know you are there.  


Always contact the people spending with your business first: send an email, write a text, or give them a call to make them feel like they’re top priority.


Once you inform customers, use social media to spread the word about your business’s reopening, extended breaks, new opening hours, or delivery arrangements.


When posting on social media, maintain your content style, and mix in some posts relevant to the world situation. While C-19 memes are engaging, they are not strategic in building your industry authority. Also, take advantage of the new social media features designed to help small businesses remain connected to their customers for free.


Keep sharing what is relevant to your business (continue sharing the content your audience needs). Plan posts that will serve your followers and costumes with valuable solutions. 


We will get through this crisis. Keep adapting to the needs in your marketplace. Your services and products are a lifeline for others during these difficult times.