4 Ways to DIY Better Websites


It's never been easier to create a website. But, perfecting the details can be tricky. When you acquire capital, professional rebranding is always an option; however that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your self-made website and make it so that you’re proud to share with others.  

Keep reading for four easy ways to improve your DIY website. 

  • Clear Call to Action

Many websites miss 'what next' prompts. What is the one, most important thing you want visitors to do once they visit your page? 

Whether it is to place an order, contact you, or sign up for your latest webinar, give this call-to-action at either the very top of your page or above the fold. 

  • Reduce Your Word Count 

Why use a thousand words, when message delivery is possible in 200 words or less? You have 5-8 seconds to tell visitors what you do and why they should choose you

Keep the copywriting on your main page short and scannable. If visitors want to learn more, they will click on links leading to in-depth details on sub-pages. 

  • Utilize Images and Video

Use beautiful, professional photography or videography to break up large blocks of text. 

For product-based businesses, this is an opportunity to showcase your products. If you are a service-based brand, use visual elements to show your face, workspace, or creatively display your brand's color palette. 

  • Test Your Website

Proofread your copy for errors and ensure you have replaced all the placeholder text. Open your site on mobile to confirm it’s loading and that the font is easy to read. Check every weblink - make sure all links are set up and working, including your signup sheets, social media, footers, and contact forms.

We wish you the best with your website renovation! These are just a few tips we recommend to improve your site for better visitor experience and more conversions.