Adding Image Left or Image Right to Your Website


The right photo makes everything better, including your blog. Images grab attention and websites with photography receive 94% more views. Images are also essential to the selection and purchase of products. Brands like Away, Tiffany & Co, and more have become must-haves because of their beautiful product shots.

The use of various relevant images, throughout a blog article, maintains interest; it breaks up blocks of text and encourages visitors to keep scrolling. That's why we have made the process of adding more photos to your website super easy. Here’s how to add more beautiful images to your website:

Log into your DataCzar account. Select 'Website' in the left-hand menu bar. When the page loads, select ‘Posts’ or ‘Pages’ located at the top. Fill in the details about your blog or page. In the text box below, add your main image and introductory text. Next, alternate left and right images using the appropriately labeled post or page templates.

When the template appears, insert your image by selecting the darkened picture frame icon. Source the photo you want to use from your content library or desktop file manager and press 'okay' to add the image. Express your thoughts, review for errors, and hit 'Create' to publish. That's it. You are done, congrats!