How to Add Square to Your Website


Are you just starting up your website? Perhaps you are selling items, information, or just raising funds?

One of your pressing questions may be: “Which payment gateway should I use to accept payments from my customers?" While there are pros and cons of using any gateway, it’s safe to say that you do not need to restrict your customers to only using one. If anything, a lack of payment options can decrease the rate of successful payments.

Like PayPal, Square is a recognized and trusted payment service. Traditionally associated with its POS systems for in-person card payments, Square offers ecommerce options for your website. Another incentive for adding the Square payment gateway to your website is there is no monthly fee for doing so. You’ll only get charged a percentage and small fee per transaction.

Adding Square to your website is simple, as demonstrated in our How to Add Square to Your Website tutorial. This tutorial also gives you a step-by-step guide on how to add your Square online check-out code to your web page, adding images, text, and more!