How to Make Your Copy Convert Every Time


Do you want people to act on your call to actions (CTAs)? stop their scroll? head over to your store and buy your amazing product? Well, keep your copy simple.
Don't make your reader work until you ask them for a favor. Here is a 5-step system to improve your copy formatting for more conversions.

1. Start with a Strong Headline
Pretend you are writing to one person, not a general demographic. Hint in the title at the solution your copy provides to get the right audience interested in your message.

2. Pre-empt Objections
Encourage readers to want more, when prompted, while reducing their reasons to say no. In your next 1-2 sentences, make it excitingly clear as to why your audience needs to keep reading. Use your brand’s voice to reveal personality and build a connection. And focus on the benefits and the results they will get (not on the features).

3. Deliver the Benefit
Now that you have their attention, tell them the solutions you promised in a visually pleasing format. Use bullets, subheadings, or short paragraphs so readers can follow along with ease. It's not just writing great material; it's serving your audience, keeping your readers’ attention and including actionable tips.

4. Close with One Call to Action
Of course, you would love for people to do everything - like, comment, follow, share, and buy. But many choices cause indecision. Instead, ask for one simple action based on the purpose of the copy. Engagement post? Ask for a double-tap. Abandoned cart email? Suggest completing checkout. Test different CTAs, gather data, and continuously improve your best performers for more conversions.

5. Edit
Is your copy easy to read? Is the tone active? If not, revise your copy.

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