5 Ways to Do Smart and Responsible Marketing During COVID-19


Marketing during times of uncertainty can be tricky since many people are under added stress or have more intense emotions. This is not to say that they are averse to marketing - NO - you just have to be smart and responsible with your marketing. Here are five ways to do that.

  1. Modify Your Marketing Campaigns: Modify your marketing campaigns to suit the goings-on. Postpone pre-scheduled content that is not appropriate at this point. You also need to prioritize what you put out there. The idea is to ensure that your campaigns match and soothe the current mood.

  2. Review Your Visuals and Diction: Your visuals are just as important as the words you use. Ensure that both your marketing language and visuals impact the right messages. Also, avoid using visuals and language that do not promote safe and healthy practices during the COVID-19 era.

  3. Have a Heart: Be responsible for your marketing. Use your marketing campaigns to keep people informed. Show the proactive measures your brand is taking to cope with the crisis.   

  4. Stay Positive: Let a positive perspective guide your marketing during this period. Strive to be personable in your messaging. Lots of folks are uneasy right now so promote optimism and hope. Do not forget to make content that focuses on your employees too.

  5. Show How Your Brand Can Help: Let your brand be a rallying point that provides value to those who need it the most. Show how your brand will make lives better during this stressful time via your products/services. Find ways to educate, entertain, or inspire via your content.

Finally, during this time when many businesses are on lockdown, using the steps listed above can help you market your brand in smart and responsible ways.