4 Essential Copywriting Guidelines


It takes skills, tactfulness, sensitivity and a bit of marketing mastery to be able to churn out copywriting during this COVID-19 season. This is because the novel coronavirus has disrupted consumer priorities and the business landscape. It affects everyone and we all respond differently - in our own way. Here are four ways with which you can negotiate the current global marketing space.

  • Watch Your Words: Due to the horrific toll COVID-19 has taken on people, you want to avoid making potential customers feel that you are insensitive and are only interested in what you can get from them. It is even more impactful now with people spending more time online. Any errors in judgement will spread faster than they can be contained so be thoughtful with your copy. Be sure to avoid using insensitive words while remaining accurate and deliberate.  Avoid coming across as insensitive, selfish, or exploitative.
  • Be Optimistic: Yes, you are trying to convert readers to buyers, but you can also inspire hope and optimism with your copywriting. Let your copy give the impression that both you and your readers will make it through these trying times and that you will be around to offer premium services in the post COVID-19 era.

  • Be As Accurate As Possible: This is not the time for inaccuracies as lots of folks are feeling anxious or emotional and have strong beliefs on the current situation. They are more likely now to react negatively to the slightest thing so be as accurate as possible. This will help you maintain the trust you’ve built. Also, being a source of accurate resources on and about COVID-19 will help you build greater trust moving forward.

  • Stay Relevant: Make sure that your copy is relevant to the current trends. Review your prescheduled content to ensure that the current safety measures and lifestyle are reflected accordingly. Let your copy be as appropriate as can be. 

At this critical time, using the tips listed above can help your copywriting skills to build trust with your current clients and potential customers.