How to Add PayPal Add to Cart to Your Website


PayPal provides online customers with a safe, simple and convenient way to make purchases. It keeps customers’ details anonymous, which is why it’s no surprise that there are over 305 million active PayPal accounts worldwide.

If you, as an online business owner, don’t have a PayPal business or premier account or have one but have not yet linked it to your web page, then view this tutorial!  It’s simple to add as you may be limiting your customer transactions, online payment process options, and ultimately your reach and ability to increase your sales.

A PayPal shopping cart can be added to almost any existing website. PayPal provides you with a string of HTML code to place on your web page wherever you want the button to appear. Check out our tutorial for how to add the PayPal Add to Cart to your website using DataCzar Connect.

This great tutorial shows you how to add PayPal buttons onto a page of your website. It shows creating a page, how to feature details on items that you’re selling, how to add images, and how to enter your PayPal HTML code for your PayPal Add to Cart button to appear.