How to Add Shopify to Your Website


If you have a Shopify account or are thinking about creating one, DataCzar makes it easy to add your Shopify to your website! Did you know that Shopify was launched by 3 Canadians in 2004 who were inspired by a poor online shopping experience with snowboarding equipment?  Now Shopify is, without a doubt, one of the world’s most well known, all-inclusive, online selling platforms. Their platform enables online sellers to create and develop an online store where products/goods/services can be promoted, sold, and shipped to customers.

Using Shopify is an effective method for increasing your distribution channels and revenue stream for your online shop. Like DataCzar, Shopify has a very low bar of entry for store owners just starting out, which is why it’s used by at least 820,000 merchants worldwide.

Get a preview of how easy it is to add your Shopify store to your website!  This handy tutorial shows you how to add your Shopify as a link on a page or a post - taking customers directly to your store.  You’ll also learn how to add your Shopify “link” as a page to your website, again, taking customers directly to your store. This video shows you how and makes it easy!