Adding a PayPal Button to Your Website


DataCzar makes it simple and easy to add PayPal buttons to your website!  Whether it’s a business, a cause, a blog, or all of the above, establishing a digital presence goes beyond just setting up and maintaining a website. You’re likely to require a way for people to purchase your products or services, or donate to your cause. In simplistic terms, they may need to send you funds for goods/services or cause you are selling and/or promoting, respectively.


With over 305 million active PayPal accounts worldwide, it’s no surprise that PayPal is one of the easiest ways to facilitate all things involving financial transactions. It is an easy way for consumers or donors to send you money while keeping their details anonymous.


Do you have an online shop and have a PayPal premier or business account but no option for your customers (or donors) to make payments via this safe payment platform?  If not, setting up a PayPal account is easy and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t include PayPal as a payment or fund transfer option. 


It’s a simple process when you have a website building and editing tool like #DataCzar.


Learn how to add a PayPal button to your website with a product or service listing in just under 5 minutes, using DataCzar’s website editing tool and get your sales boosted.