How to Generate More Money From Your Website


There are simple and easy ways to generate more money from your website. Whether your business is large or small these simple methods offer you a big advantage. Traffic to your website is essential as your website allows you to sell your business, goods and services 24/7 – all day, every day. The more visits and clicks, the more money you can generate.

Having a professional website allows you to be successful in today’s business world; it’s the spine from which you grow your business. Getting more people to KNOW about your website can seem challenging so we’re taking a different path in this article to show you ways for promoting your website. Read on…

Display Your Website

Getting your website address out there seems challenging but doesn’t have to be difficult.  Old school methods can be very effective: displaying your website on t-shirts, car stickers, window stickers, banners, shop signs, back of bus adverts, key rings, pens and pencils, mugs and more.  Display your web address just about anywhere that you feel is appropriate for your business and you’ll be amazed at the amount of traffic you can generate.

Integrate Your Website with Social Media

One great way to get more business via your website is to use social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Yelp.  Simply create business pages and accounts with creative and compelling content.  Consistently create new posts, new content, and show images and videos of your products and services.  Most importantly, include links to your website.

Brochures and Flyers

Although flyers and brochures belong to the pre-digital era, there are occasions when they can become an effective means of driving web traffic.  Distribute these at events, shows, workshops, meetings, marketing clubs and other gatherings. You might also want to try places where people are sure to visit - such as grocery stores, dental offices, local shops, and libraries. The better the quality and content of your flyer and brochure, the better chances of landing visitor to your website.  Be sure to include your company's name and logo, your website address and compelling CTA (call to action). Also include some promise on the flyer or brochure.

Business Cards

Believe it or not, business cards still have their place in modern marketing.  People often network at conferences and meetings – and guess how they exchange contacts? Business cards! They are a great way to keep your website on people's minds while promoting your brand's uniqueness. Business cards have the advantage over other means of promoting your site because they are classy and can be shared at high profile places.


You will need offline sources to make the most of your website because they easily complement your online efforts. Take advantage of the insights you got from this article. Your business will be better.