Using Dataczar Connect Website Builder Toolbar


Whether you have an existing website or thinking of launching one, many successful entrepreneurs, bloggers, and successful businesses can agree that it’s no good having one if the content on there is not kept up-to-date continuously.

Keeping the content on your site updated and fresh helps build trust between you and your customers. Regular posts are good examples of updated content. Followers or customers will likely rely on your site for useful information on whichever market you are in or topics you are sharing. Good, engaging, and fresh content will most likely increase traffic to your website - especially when they include images and videos.

DataCzar’s website builder toolbar enables users to create text for their websites in a simplistic fashion. It includes text creation and editing properties that are very identical to MS Word, except the text is automatically coded. Uploading images and files is as simple as uploading an attachment to a message!

Check out our "How to Use the Website Builder Toolbar at DataCzar Connect" tutorial.  You'll learn how to use our website builder toolbar in under 10 minutes, including how to add posts and media to your website.