Email Marketing In The Wake Of COVID-19


They say desperate times call for drastic measures. While that saying may not apply to your brand entirely, it means that your style of email marketing has to adapt to accommodate the global changes. You have to find a way to keep your customers up-to-date without harming your brand. Your email marketing is even more critical during this crisis than it ever was. You will need to be masterful, empathic and purposeful with your email marketing. Here’s how you can be all that.

Check scheduled and automated messages
Now is the time to double-check all approved messages before they are sent out. The idea is to ensure that the content isn’t tone-deaf. You want to avoid using a tone that is too “salesy” or technical. You also want to avoid messages that are emotional as they might strike your customers the wrong way. What you should be is reassuring and positive. Let your language and tone reflect empathy and avoid technical language. Keep things light and supportive.

Be purposeful
Keep your customers abreast of the current situation with your brand. Let them know if there will be changes. Provide updates about changes in policies and operations (say for example delivery options and refund policies). Let them know if there will be changes. The thing is that practical updates about your changes in services (if any) will provide a sense of stability. So let your communication address the specific concerns of customers regarding the current changes. By keeping them abreast of things like this, they have a sense that there is a potential for normalcy in the future. You might want to provide precautionary tips lightly too.

Be specific
You need to decide who should get your emails. Not everyone in your database would be willing to hear from you at this time. You may be better directing them to your website or social channels where your subscribers can read updates or FAQs. The idea is simple: if you don’t have an update or valuable information to communicate, steer clear of their inboxes. Always review your new campaigns to decide how appropriate they are about the situation at hand.

Stay Positive
This is the time to win your clientele over by being positive. Acknowledge their fears and concerns; remember to stay calm in your messages. Strive to build solidarity by sharing a personal story.
This provides hope and calm. The last thing you want is to increase their fears. Find ways to acknowledge the current situation while showing how it does not impact on your brand negatively. In our opinion, this is a time to reconnect with your clientele. Let your mails suggest that you are in the situation too and that you are reliable enough for them to count on nonetheless.

Truthfully, the folks in your audience may not be interested in buying your products or services right now. However, providing relevant, useful information with a sensitive tone will maintain good relations with them and keep them engaged for the long term.