What is Email Phishing?


It’s crucial that your brand has a strong reputation. Unfortunately, any brand’s reputation can be easily tarnished if they get caught up in a phishing scandal. Phishing is a huge threat to anyone online, especially to email marketers because it can negatively impact their efforts and return on investment. Phishing is a type of cyber attack where a scammer sends a form of electronic communication- usually an email- to someone pretending to be a legitimate and reputable entity. While pretending to be a legitimate entity, the scammer tricks the email recipient out of sensitive personal and/or financial information. It’s important for companies to be aware of the serious dangers of phishing because it can hurt both their customers and their brand’s reputation. According to the Internet Security Threat Report from 2017, one in every 131 emails received in 2016 had secret malware attached, which is often used in phishing schemes.