Be Wary of Your Subscribers Limits


While email marketing campaigns may be incredibly effective, they can also be easily ineffective if not executed properly. As receptive as a subscriber may be to hearing from your company, everyone has their limits. Would you like it if you received constant emails day after day, hour after hour? At some point, it would likely feel like harassment! While 47% of people become irritated when brands send excessive emails, email blasts aren’t the only reasons why subscribers get bored. Here are some other things to avoid when crafting your email marketing campaigns:


  • Lengthy emails
  • Miswritten copy
  • Irrelevant content
  • Exaggerated urgency
  • Unattractive designs
  • Too much personalization
  • Lack of visual content


If you avoid these things and focus on crafting interesting, relevant and helpful content, then your subscribers are likely to open all of your emails.