How Plug-Ins Can Increase Your Sales


While focusing on your recipients is a major factor when it comes to increasing your sales email open rates, understanding the benefits of plug-ins (and utilizing them!) can also be a game-changer. Sure, crafting a killer subject line and using a personal tone can increase your sales email open rates, but how will you know? It’s important to have tracking software that can show you just how much of an impact your new approach to email open rates is making on your recipients.

Email prospecting is constantly evolving. As soon as someone discovers what works, everyone jumps on that bandwagon and soon enough, it loses its effectiveness. The best way to make sure that your strategies remain useful is by using plug-ins to track your open rates. There are plug-ins which allow you to track precisely when your emails are opened. Use them to monitor your emails while testing out different approaches. You will get instant feedback on what works for you, your prospect and your industry. This will ultimately help you stay on top of your email marketing campaign effectiveness.