How Important Are Email Open Rates to You?


Email marketing is no simple task. It takes quite a bit of training, practice and effort to design email marketing campaigns. Every last detail of an email needs to be reviewed and perfected before an email marketing campaign can be successful. However, no email marketing campaign can see any success if the emails are never opened. Increasing your sales open rates is extremely important because if subscribers never open your emails, it doesn’t matter how perfect the email is- it will never increase your sales or generate more leads.

If you struggle with your sales email open rates, don’t feel alone. Recent data released by HubSpot showed that industries like PR, marketing, and travel had open rates of like 20% while top performing industries like construction, HR, and arts/entertainment enjoyed open rates, not above 50%. Clearly, even in the most successful sectors, less than half of their recipients open and read the emails they received. When sales email open rates are this low, companies are losing out on significant amounts of revenue. However, simple tricks like focusing on your recipients and utilizing plug-ins can make your company the exception when it comes to low sales email open rates.