Erasing Contacts from Your List: Why It’s Important


If you’re like most, the thought of erasing precious contacts from your email list may sound more like a threat than something you would do willingly. However, the fact is that many of these “precious” contacts are no longer serving your business and are only making your job as an email marketer harder. While the contacts may have signed up to your email list for a reason, if a contact is no longer responding to your email marketing campaigns, then it’s time you stop sending them information.

When it comes to digital marketing, quality is much more important than quantity. If you have 1000 contacts on your email list, but are only receiving positive feedback from 700 of those contacts, then you’re simply wasting your time by continuing to reach out to the lost 300. A fresh start can do wonders for your email marketing campaigns. Without inaccurate data and unresponsive subscribers, you can better tailor your email marketing campaigns to what your true customers really want to see. Use the feedback provided by your loyal customers to improve your email marketing campaign and drop the subscribers who are holding you back.