Are You Segmenting Your List?


Our readers and subscribers have different needs and interests. Segmenting your list allows you to cater to each individual subscriber. There are several easy ways to segment your list and optimize your marketing campaigns. First, you can download a segmenting software that will allow you to identify what your readers’ needs are and how to meet their needs. Second, you can analyze the interactions between the reader and the different emails he or she receives and extract information regarding their interests.

Third, you can use demographic characteristics such as gender, region, profession, the devices they use and the date they filled out your landing pages to learn about your clients’ needs. These factors can be used to determine how clients will use your products, which products they’re buying, how and when they buy and the last time they clicked on an email. With this data, you can cater to your subscribers’ needs and give them discounts or access to promotions.