How Promotional Marketing Campaigns Fit in Your Strategy


Selling is the main goal of marketing, so, promoting your product or service through an email is an essential part of your strategy. If your goal is to attract new customers and improve your business, use the power of sales and promotions!

Promotional email marketing campaigns have a clear commercial objective that is expressed both in the content and in the tone of the message. All the elements of the email must be oriented to generate conversions in the form of clicks, sales, recommendations, subscriptions, etc.

This is why it is fundamental that you keep in mind certain aspects that will make your email marketing campaigns generating as many clicks as clients.

  •       Use a title as attractive as your offer.
  •       Use the power of images and include an image of your product or something related to it.
  •       Write simple but direct content.
  •       Include your social media buttons so your offers can be visualized quickly.
  •       Avoid any unnecessary information, link or element that could create a distraction for the subscriber.
  •       Use landing pages to increase the efficiency of your campaign.
  •       Segment your lists and send your offers in a personalized way.