E-Mail Marketing Design Tips to Boost Your Campaign


There is certain criteria when it comes to designing successful email marketing campaigns. A well-designed campaign will increase the chances that recipients will open the email, which can also lead to an increased conversion rate. Here are some useful tips:

  • Make two versions of your email, one in HTML and another one on plain text. This will allow you to reach those readers that still can’t visualize HTML content, as well as ensure that the anti-spam filters won’t label it as “not wanted.”
  • Use a simple design so the emphasis is on the email’s content. A simple design is also a good choice because in overcrowded HTML documents, images can be blocked by a defect if the remittent is not on the list.
  • Try to make your content and design 600 pixels wide. While this may seem oddly specific, content and designs that are only 600 pixels wide avoid being labeled with the “tbody” tag.
  • Never use IPs directions to make a reference to images or external links. Anti-spam filters pick this up quickly and oftentimes mistakely label it as spam.
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