Create a Great Email Subject Line by Paying Attention to Detail


Although it may seem like social media is taking over the digital marketing sector, email marketing is still quite influential. Over 90% of marketers contest that email marketing is the main cause of increase in ROI. There are several factors that contribute to the success of an email marketing campaign. Along with email list segmentation and the timing of sent emails, subject lines are also incredibly important factors. If your subject lines are unappealing to your recipients, then they won’t bother opening your email. If recipients leave emails unopened, there will be no increases in click through rates or conversions and your campaign will fail. But don’t worry- if you know how to create intriguing subject lines, you could save your email marketing campaigns.

As a marketer, you need to be detail-oriented. Your goal is to find the most efficient way to sell a product or service to a group of people. If you choose a general or vague subject line, no one will open your email and thus, no one will buy what you’re selling. By paying close attention to detail and noting the things that catch your eye, you can craft an intriguing email marketing campaign. Keep an eye on words, pictures and writing tones that would grab the attention of your target audience. When you know what you want to sell to your audience and what they respond to best, you can incorporate this into a catchy email subject line.