How Can a Welcome Email Help You?


The importance of a “welcome email” is undisputed. They are crucial to a successful email marketing campaign, as they are the first impression that subscribers will have of your company. But what exactly is a “welcome email”? Its name really says it all: it’s the first email a subscriber will receive from your once they are registered on your subscriber’s list. There are two main goals that a “welcome email” should accomplish:


  1. To verify that your subscribers’ email addresses were recorded correctly
  2. To make a good first impression with your subscribers
  3. To catch the attention of your subscribers
  4. To inform your subscribers about who you are and why they should become involved with your company
  5. To initiate conversation with your subscribers


Understanding what a “welcome email” is just the first step. You must also know how to create a “welcome email” that will accomplish all of these goals and really put your company on the map.