Creating the Perfect Welcome Email: The Introduction


As the name suggestions, the point of a “welcome email” is to welcome your subscribers to your mailing list. But who’s mailing list are they subscribed to? Who is the sender? Who is the company? What does the company do? The “welcome email” needs to answer all of these questions. After you thank your subscriber for adding themselves to your mailing list, launch into an introduction of what your company does and why your company should be important to the subscriber. Be sure to keep your introduction concise to keep the attention of your subscribers. Consider formatting it like this:  “We are X, we are dedicated to Y, and we can help you Z.”


In addition to introducing yourself, you should also note how your subscribers can get in contact with you. If you are sending the email from a personal account, make sure the user knows who are they talking to by adding your name and position at your company. Then list all of the ways they can get in contact with your company: social networks, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. If one of the goals of a “welcome email” is to connect with your subscribers, you need to provide your subscribers with a way to connect with you.