How Do You Say Thank You to Your Clients?


You may be familiar with the concept of a “welcome email,” but you may be wondering what exactly a “thank you email” is. Much like a “welcome email,” the definition of a “thank you email” is in its name. A “thank you email” is simply an email that gives thanks to the user or subscriber for making a specific action. You could be thanking them for providing their email address, making a purchase, contacting your company, etc.

Following the Inbound Marketing methodology, the “thank you” email is the first contact a user receives in response to performing a certain action on your company’s website, such as downloading content or providing your company with their contact information. Here are the three benefits of a “thank you email”:


  1. It validates the user’s email so they can continue receiving important and interesting content from your company
  2. It generates a new point of contact with the user, opening a new communication channel that will allow you to start the conversion process in the right way.
  3. It provides the user with a way to get in contact with you should they be interested in making a purchase