6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Thank You Email


Now that you’re convinced of the importance of a “thank you email,” you’re probably wondering how exactly you can go about creating one. Here are the steps you should follow to create the perfect “thank you email”:

  1. Start by giving thanks to the user for the interest they have shown in your company (which lead them to providing you with their contact information)
  2. Include a message that encourages open and continuous communication; the user should know that they will hear from you again and that they can also reach out to you at any time
  3. Include a “call to action” related to a product or service offered by your company. This CTA is a crucial part of the conversion process.
  4. Keep your email short! As this is just a “thank you email,” you don’t want to overwhelm your user with information and cause them to close the email
  5. Make the email personal. If you’re interested in converting these users to leads, they need to feel appreciated. You should create your “thank you email” to look as though you have written it personally for each individual recipient. To do this, abstain from using templates with logos and use a plain email template instead. Also be sure to include a return address that can be reached; the worst mistake you could make is to list the return address as “donotanswerthisemail@yourdomain.com”!
  6. Sign the email. The user needs to know with whom they are communicating; a signature also reinforces the illusion of a personal nature to the message.

Finally, remember that this kind of email is as necessary as it is expected. This is a great opportunity to try new things and pleasantly surprise your users, which can result in an increased conversion rate.