Accurate Information Is the Key to Your Contact List


The biggest mistake that email marketers can make is keeping subscribers on their list who they haven’t interacted with in excess of 6 months. In addition to wasting time and resources, subscribers who have been MIA for that long have no way of verifying their information. If a subscriber was added to your list but has never interacted with your company, chances are the email address on your list is inactive. Similarly, if you haven’t heard from a subscriber in a while, they may have switched to a different email address. This means that, by continuing to pursue these unresponsive subscribers, you could be pursuing dead ends.


By erasing these contacts from your list, you can be sure that your email list will only have active email addresses and accurate information. Inaccurate information disguised as accurate data can mess with your metrics and make analysing your marketing campaign’s effectiveness a wasted effort. Update your contact list every 6 months to ensure that your campaigns can be successful.