Increasing Your Sales Email Open Rates: Focus on Your Recipients


Without active email recipients, your email marketing campaigns have no chance at being effective. That’s why the key to increasing your sales email open rates is to focus on your recipients. Instead of thinking like an email marketer, take a moment to alter your mindset and think like a recipient instead. What content do you want to see? What is it that makes you open marketing emails? How important is the email subject line? If you’re doing the exercise properly, you’ll find that an intriguing and relevant email subject line is the reason most recipients open an email. Be strategic, be intentional and be creative when crafting your subject line and first sentence- it will pay off.


In addition to the email subject line, it’s important that you make your emails personal. If a recipient receives an email that they think is part of an email blast, it will almost always go straight to the trash. However, if a recipient feels as though a company wants to communicate with them personally, they will always open the email. Get rid of the promotional headlines, ditch the formal language and instead address your recipient personally and speak to them in the email the same way you would speak to a friend. A personal tone is more relaxing, engaging and effective.