Get Your Emails Started for the Holidays


For many companies, their sales increase dramatically during the holidays. In fact, some companies receive up to 50% of their annual sales just during the holiday season. This means it’s the perfect time of the year to up your email marketing game to attract even more customers. Planning is crucial when it comes to email marketing during Christmas. Here are the first steps you should follow:

  • Choose your campaign type: Every business and clientele is different. Before starting your email marketing campaign, decide whether campaigns like promotions, discounts, gifts, games or raffles will be the most effective.
  • Organize: Behind the success of any email marketing campaign is organization. An action calendar is an effective way to stay organized throughout your entire email marketing campaign this holiday season. You can use it to keep track of everything from email subjects and delivery dates to campaign design details.

Segment your suggestion lists: This is quite possibly the most important step when it comes to planning for your campaign. Segment your email contacts based on the gifts they’re likely to purchase. For example, married men may be looking for gifts or services for their wives, while older women are likely shopping for grandchildren.