How Effective Is Email Marketing?


Did you know that 58% of people prefer email marketing over any other form of marketing? Those surveyed said that this was because email was an effective, unobtrusive form of communication. Given the fact that people spend, on average, 4.1 hours on their emails everyday while at work, it’s not shocking that they’re comfortable with email marketing campaigns. However, not just any email will do. Successful email marketing campaigns are well written, organized, professional, mobile-friendly and relevant. These campaigns have much higher click through and conversion rates.

Email is one of the oldest and most trusted forms of communication. Those surveyed preferred it over social media! That’s saying something considering the fact that we have a very social media-driven culture. When you send an email to a subscriber, you are able to connect with them directly without invading any personal profile. Other forms of digital marketing like social media marketing and brand apps require users to share their private information and sometimes photographs with a business. Many people aren’t comfortable with this and understandably so. That’s why email marketing is the most sustainable.