The Importance of Mobile Friendly Email Campaigns


There are very few people these days who don’t own a smartphone. Long gone are the days of Nokia’s and flip phones. There’s no denying that smartphones have radically transformed how we connect with one another. Did you know that 45% of people use their smartphone to read their work emails and 63% use it to read their personal email? Those are some crazy numbers! You no longer need to wait until the evening to send emails, hoping your subscribers will check their inbox that day. We live in a time where people check their emails an average of 14 times per day throughout the day. With smartphones, it’s even easier for businesses to connect with their subscribers frequently via email marketing campaigns.

However, because most people use their smartphones to read emails, it means that your email marketing campaigns need to be mobile-friendly. iPhones, for example, only allow 32 characters in one subject line. If you write your emails with long paragraphs, your subscribers are going to become overwhelmed by how long it looks. Don’t lose loyal subscribers and sabotage your own email marketing campaigns! Be sure to properly format your email’s text and to make all buttons 48 pixels high, or thumb size