Building Relationships With Your Clients


As an email marketer, you are the middle person between your company and your company’s customers. It’s vital that you build a relationship with your clients. Clients will only do business with a company that they trust and there can be no trust without a relationship. Furthermore, if clients both trust your company and believe that it has their best interests at heart, you could secure yourself a loyal, long-term customer. Here are a few ways to build relationships with your clients by teaching them how to stay safe online:


  • Be added to their contact list: When a customer adds you to their email contact list, it means that your emails will go straight to their inbox. Not only does this make for better communication, but it also helps protect them from hackers claiming to be from your company.


  • Authenticate your email: Email address authentication is important for companies because it means that they receive explicit permission to use the domain name that appears in the email header.


  • Include responsibility clauses: By including responsibility clauses at the bottom of each email you send out, your customers will constantly be reminded that your policy is against asking for sensitive information online. This can help them protect themselves in the future.

Educate clients:
Unfortunately, many people still don’t understand the risks that come along with using the internet. By offering short courses on cybersecurity, lists of phishing warning signs, and reminders about the responsibility clause, your clients will both trust and appreciate you much more.