Psychology and Email Marketing


Psychology is intrinsically linked to everything we do. But we bet you never thought about how it relates to email marketing! Psychology is essentially the science of the mind. The more you understand about the human mind, the more you can anticipate certain human behaviors and trends. This is why psychology is so pertinent for email marketers! Imagine if you could anticipate the way your customers would respond to your latest email marketing campaign before you even sent out the emails! How helpful would that be?

If you could study your customers’ behaviors and emotional responses, you’d be able to understand them so much better. For example, many people open their inbox and automatically delete all emails with uninteresting or unimportant subject lines. If this is a habit your customers hold, that would tell you just how important it is to create catchy subject lines for your email campaigns! As an email marketer, it’s also helpful to understand what makes your customers excited, happy, angry, sad, and even impulsive! The best way to learn about your customers is by employing specific psychological techniques.